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How to setup and see audio transcription

To get the audio transcription of some video's audio channel you would need to set up your meta profile for the same.

You can read a bit more about the keyword extraction here:

Creating the Meta Profile for audio transcription / keyword extraction

In regards to its setup, you could do it by doing the following:

  1. log into your account
  2. click on the application that you would be using and want the keyword extraction to be done on (by default we create application named "Default" for you)
  3. click on Manage submenu
  4. You will now see a section that say "Meta Profiles" and clicking on it will show you panel to add your meta profile

Now there are different profiles that you can add, and one of them is the keyword extraction. We will be adding more as well, and this would be the same place where you could set them up as well, once you see that we released some profile that you are interested in.

Now to setup audio transcription, you would:

  1. Enter the title into the "Title" field. This is for your own reference so it can be anything you wish
    * You can also enter the key if you want to use the key, for ease of use, lets leave this empty
  2. click on the green button with white plus on the right
  3. under your current meta profiles (if any) bellow Title and Key fields you will see new entry such as:

    413438d0e84f2b2ccb6433fae4200980 audio_extraction

    Now on the right of it, you will see the button to edit and remove it.In the example above, the first part "413438d0e84f2b2ccb6433fae4200980" would be our meta profile token (this is specific to application so for you it will be different). The "audio_extraction" part on the right of the token is the title that you enter, so it would be something different - depending on what you add. That is just for your own reference so that you know what the profile is used for.
  4. click on the edit button (pencil)
  5. in new section you can see dropdown / select element that shows "Audio Transcription". If this is not selected for you, pick it from the list of all meta profile processes.
  6. click on the green button with a plus again
    * You should see "Audio Keyword Extraction" process being created for you bellow.

That is it :)

Using Meta Profile

Now to use the meta profile you would just add it to your embedding. For example, the code would look like so:

<ziggeorecorder ziggeo-theme="modern"

That is it. All videos recorded through this embedding would have the videos run through the audio extraction tool for us.

Now next to the above you could have used key as well when you were on step 1 above. The trick with key is that it allows us to form our embedding like this:

<ziggeorecorder ziggeo-theme="modern"

Now as soon as you take a look at the embedding you can see that the profile in use is for audio extraction. This can of course be understood by you and anyone else that sees your embedding, while of course if you use token, only you can see its purpose in the admin dashboard.

Another thing about the key is that when you specify the key as "audio_extraction" in your admin panel, you would always specify it as "_audio_extraction" in the embedding - that is because we always add the underscore "_" before the key to specify that we will be using key.

Where is audio transcription?

We have a webhook that gets fired when audio transcription is over. The one of interest would be: "video_transcription" which of course does not need to be used, only if you want to know about it as soon as it is available.

Now regardless of the same, your audio transcription will always be found in the video, under its data, so you can get it when you get video data or see it within the dashboard.

For simplicity reasons, we will describe the admin panel approach:

  1. log into your account
  2. click on the application that you have recorded the videos under and had the audio transcription / keyword extraction set up under
  3. click on the "Videos" submenu
  4. on this list click on the video where audio transcription was done
  5. you should now see the preview of the video on the right. Scroll down through the video data and you will see the audio transcription details.

We hope that this helps and of course if you have any questions around the same, just let us know and we would be happy to help with the same. :)

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