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How to record a video with custom cover shot

Looking to create a video and have it show your own custom cover shot / image? You are in the right place.

Starting with r21 v2 embeddings allow you to select your own custom cover shot, which means that all newer versions (which includes v1-stable) will allow you the same as well.

The code that you would use is as simple as:


The custom-covershots parameter tells the recorder to show "upload" button in the recorder after recording the video which will allow you to select your own image that you want to use for the video.

If you upload the video, the covershot will be created for you as usually, this is just for the recorded videos.

As soon as you select the image that you want to use, you will see the recorder going further through steps, firing verified event for you and shortly showing you the video with the image that we selected.

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