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Can I make the recorder show my domain instead of

When the Flash-based recorder is trying to access your users' cameras for the first time it will show you a permissions window.

By default it clearly shows our domain. If you want your domain to be displayed there instead, you need to serve our Flash file from your servers.

This is how it works:

  1. Download our Flash file.
  2. Serve it up from your server, e.g.
  3. Add the following configuration to your website's header:
ZiggeoApi.V2.Config.set("flash", "YOUR-DOMAIN.TLD/SOME-PATH/ziggeo.swf");

* You will need to change the YOUR-DOMAIN.TLD/SOME-PATH/ into the URL over which you can get to the .swf file on your server. It is not required however is recommended to leave it as ziggeo.swf as this will not be shown.

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