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How can I get the token of a recorded video once it's been recorded?

You can listen to the submission event of a new recording on any embedding on your page as follows:

var application = new ZiggeoApi.V2.Application( {token:"YOUR_APP_TOKEN"} );
application.embed_events.on("verified", function (embedding) {
alert("Submitted a new video with token '" + embedding.get('video') + "' !");

If you want to do this for a specific recorder you can do that as well. The way you would do it is by adding recorder to your page using one of the embed methods. You would then connect that embedding with the event. In the example we will use JavaScript embed method:

<div id="embedding_placeholder"></div>
var application = new ZiggeoApi.V2.Application( {token:"YOUR_APP_TOKEN"} );
    application.on("ready", function() {
    var recorder = new ZiggeoApi.V2.Recorder({
        element: document.getElementById("embedding_placeholder"),
        attrs: {
            width: 640,
            height: 480,
            theme: "modern",
            themecolor: "red"

recorder.on("verified", function () {
alert("Submitted a new video with token '" + recorder.get('video') + "' !");



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    Nagaraj S Jayaram

    How do we do the same in react?

    Edited by Nagaraj S Jayaram
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    Natasha Calleia

    Hi Nagaraj,

    This is how you'd listen for the verified event with React, to get the video token:

    recorderVerified = ( embedding ) => {
        let recorderInstance = this.child.recorderInstance();
        let properties = this.recorderInstance.get();
        console.log("Submitted a new video with token '" + properties['video'] + "' !");

    Edited by Natasha Calleia