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Form Assembly

1. Manage your application settings on Ziggeo and check: "Let us host separate subpages for each single video".

2. Head over to the form builder on FormAssembly. For every video that you want to be recorded, create a text field with the placeholder text "ziggeo" (without the "").

3. Add the following custom code to your form (via Properties, Custom Code). Make sure to replace YOUR_APPLICATION_TOKEN by the actual application token from your Ziggeo dashboard.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="//" />

<script src="//"></script>

<script>ZiggeoApi.token = "YOUR_APPLICATION_TOKEN";</script>

<script>ZiggeoApi.Config.cdn = true;</script>

<script>ZiggeoApi.Config.webrtc = true;</script>

<script>ZiggeoApi.Config.resumable = true;</script>


  BetaJS.$(document).ready(function () {

    BetaJS.$("input[placeholder='ziggeo']").each(function () {

      var input = BetaJS.$(this);

      var inputContainer = input.parent();

      input.attr("type", "hidden");

      var ziggeoContainer = BetaJS.$("<div></div>");


      ZiggeoApi.Embed.embed(ziggeoContainer, {

        width: 320,

        height: 240,

        perms: ["allowupload"],

        id: input.attr("name")



    ZiggeoApi.Events.on("submitted", function (data) {

      BetaJS.$("input[name='" + + "']").val("" +;





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