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Why is the browser using Flash instead of WebRTC?

With V2 the WebRTC is the default. If you are using V2 and your browser is still using Flash instead of WebRTC, chances are that you are accessing the website using http instead of https.

Newer versions of the browsers do not grant access to WebRTC without using SSL.

While the WebRTC is the default with V2 the Flash is still used as the fallback. If you see the Flash being used and you are recording over https it means that WebRTC was not possible to be used.

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    Yarin Snapir

    Hey, I enabled webrtc and my website uses https. When browsing using Microsoft Edge, Ziggeo Recorder still asks me to install flash. Is it a known issue with Edge? Is there something I can do?

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    Hi Yarin,

    Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge do not support WebRTC. They have a less popular variant created by Microsoft which Edge uses called ORTC, as such our player and recorder will fallback to Flash and the reason why you are seeing that message.
    Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done to not use Flash on them at this time.

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    Chirag Patel

    @Bane, is this still the case about Edge? Do they still not support WebRTC?

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    Hi Chirag,

    Yes and they will not add the support for it in neither IE nor Edge.

    Per latest updates Microsoft decided to drop the IE and Edge improvements completely, and just go with a Chromium based browser (like Google Chrome) instead. Once this new browser is out they will have a proper support for WebRTC with the same.