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Can we get path or ID from (auto)pushed video?

If you are looking to get the video details such as ID or URL or path after it has been pushed to some service this is the right place for you.

To know this info you should listen to a webhook. Webhook will notify you that this desired action happened and will also include the details that you are after.

Having that said, there are few things to know:

  1. What webhook to listen to
  2. What details you can get from which service

If you are not familiar with webhooks you can read more about them in our docs here:

The webhooks to listen to are as follows:

  • video_stream_push_success - fires every time the successful push has been made
  • video_stream_push_failed - fires every time the push failed for some reason

Now the details that you can get depend on the service since we get different details from different services.

ID only

  1. Youtube
  2. Google Drive
  3. Box


  1. Vimeo

ID & Path

  1. Dropbox


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