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Disabling Rerecord Warning



  • Bane

    Unfortunately Anoop it would not be possible at this time, however just to be sure that I got it right, you would like to basically change - likely all - alert dialogs raised by our system with your own dialogs?

    I will talk with others in our team to see what they say about the same, however do let us know if you meant something else instead.

  • Anoop Gantayat

    That's correct.

    We ended up coming with a workaround where we hide the "redo" button and use our own button, allowing us to have our own redo flow.

    Since you guys have the Javascript API available, we should be able to go with this route, especially since we plan on doing many customizations to the UI.


  • Bane

    OK, glad to hear that you found an alternative route. Doing it that way would definitely be a way to show your own dialogs. It is possible to do many different things this way, using API calls as well as embedding methods.

    The same were created to offer the same functionality - when you need a bit of that extra that is not available in the simple setup using CSS and parameters.



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