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Sharevideo doesn't seem to work at all



  • Bane

    Hi Todd,

    There is a small however important reason why it seems to be right yet not working. I suggest checking the type of the parameter on our parameters page:

    sharevideo [ array ]

    Now the only change that you should do is to make it array value to be able to use it. This means that your code would look more like this:

    ZiggeoApi.Events.on("system_ready", function() {
    var player = new ZiggeoApi.V2.Player({
    element: document.getElementById("thevideo"),
    attrs: {
    responsive: true,
    theme: "cube",
    playfullscreenonmobile: true,
    video: "XXXXXXXXXXXX"

    PS: Seems that you had two quotes as well, so it was double quote and single quote followed by facebook and then the same at the end. I presume that you had just tried both to see if that makes any difference and that it had left as a typo when pasted here, still just wanted to let you know that that would also cause it to not work.

    * It is also good to mention that sharevideo parameter is available since r24, so stable and our newer revisions will have it. If you are using some older version you would also need to upgrade it first.

    Hope this helps of course, do let us know Todd how it goes :)


  • Todd Thompson

    Thanks very much. I did every possible combination but somehow missed the obvious.

    Works like a charm.


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