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Resolution of iphone to desktop videos



  • Official comment

    Hi Todd,

    I presume that you are making a recording from your iPhone on a webpage? If so your camera settings might be set up for HD resolution, however it is the native camera app that will decide what to send to our system at that point.

    Unfortunately when you make a recording on web, since the app will decide on its own if the recording will be in HD or SD format and ignore the values that are sent to it (parameters), it is not possible to specifically set it to higher resolution.

    If you log into your account you can actually see the size of the video that is sent to us from your iPhone. To do that you would:

    1. log into your Ziggeo account

    2. click on the application that you had used

    3. click on Videos submenu

    4. now on this Videos page you will see all of your videos and clicking on the one you just made will open a preview on the right and you will see a link that says "View Single Streams". Please click on it

    5. On this new page you will see original stream, which would show you the exact resolution of video we got and which we used to transcode your video (and optionally apply effects, etc. depending on your setup).

    * This should however be better in near future as Apple had made announcements that sound as if everyone would be able to take advantage of the powerful HD cameras that they have on their iOS devices.

    For now unfortunately we still need to wait for the mobile system developers to make it possible for all of us.

    You can also see a bit more on this here:

    Sections such as "HD videos recording on iOS devices through web interface" and  the 3 other segments that follow it show you a bit more details related to mobile devices ("Time limitations on mobile devices", "Rerecordings setup on mobile devices", "Pausing recording on mobile devices").

    Hope this helps Todd and please do let us know if you have any other questions we could be of help with.

  • Todd Thompson

    thanks makes sense. Otherwise, its working really well. Few more glitches to figure out and set to go live.


  • Bane

    Happy to be able to help and I am glad to hear that it is working really well for you :)

    Of course it goes without saying, do let us know if there is anything else that we might be able to assist with :)



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