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Long recording processing times / recording only works for first question on Jotform


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  • Bane

    Hi Yoav,

    Thank you for reaching out.

    Currently the processing times are higher than what we are usually experiencing so this is the reason why it looks like it is processing for longer time. Generally it does not matter how long the videos are and we have customers uploading videos with lengths of several hours.

    You however do not need to wait for processing to finish to move away from the field. As soon as verified event fires, the form can be submitted. This is shown with a message about verifying the video right after uploading finishes and before the processing information is shown.

    This is something you do not need to set up nor change we react to this internally. For example in the recorder when the verified event fires, we update the recorder field with the value "Video token ..." where the ... (three dots) will be the link to the video.

    So if you wanted, you could check with the form conditions if the value is empty or starts with the "Video token" and if it detects the above text to just hide the recorder.

    * Similar happens for the video player - as you reach the end of the video the form will be updated with "Video was seen" so you can again react to this in your form.

    If you can give us the recorder config within your recorder widgets here we can then see and maybe suggest a slightly different version that might help with overall experience - and also to help with the resolution of the point two you have mentioned.

    * You can replace the value of your app token with something else before you post it here.


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