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UI unresponsive after uploading



  • Bane

    Hi Todd,

    That seems like a strange behavior indeed. I would however suggest upgrading though. For reference, currently latest version is v2.43.2. It was released recently on 4th of May (2023).

    The latest version of r40 is v2.40.4 which was released on 16th of April 2022. So it is is year and a bit over compared to the latest and recently there were some changes in how browsers handle things so it is generally recommended to upgrade.

    None of the updates were related to the experience you have mentioned though so I it would be interesting to know if you still experience the same on the newer version.

    Now I know that sometimes you might have workflows in place for every upgrade so at the moment you might want to test something quickly, so a question from me would be if the navigation to another page is navigation:

    1. in a sense of going to some other page (waiting for it to load, then shows up), then from that page you navigate in same manner to the page you were at previously over some link and this happens.


    2. If the navigation happens within the same page, however you do not really go to another page


    3. To go back to the original page with recorder you are navigating with the history (going back)?

    The first and second type might seem similar at first glance, however the difference is that you could always be on the same page just have it seem like you are changing the page as the content changes. This could leave one of the "pages" in a specific state that is then recreated once you get back to it. When this happens it is possible that some of the events are no longer present.

    The third option is same as if you hit back in your browser (or arrow pointing left in the browser toolbar). Sometimes when the browser goes back it seems the same, and for most part it is, however it does not necessarily mean that everything will work unless a refresh is done as well.

  • Todd Thompson

    HI, it would be navigating away from the contact you just uploaded a video for and a new page reloading in the browser. then going to a different contact and trying to upload a video. So new page loading. Short of quitting browser and restarting seems to be the way.
    Also this is in a PWA application. Not sure if pertinent but runs as PWA

  • Bane

    Our scripts should be fine to use in PWA, that should not be an issue, however PWA's usually have different ways of caching the scripts, styles and even content. So I would definitely suggest checking if any of your cache setup is causing the app to load up the "used" page instead of getting the fresh content.

    It would definitely match what you have described, in which case you would just need to change some part of caching. I would check any page content caching that you have in there.

    What we do in general is to have the JS executed to create a new recorder. So when you open the page or just refresh it each time the code will reach out to our servers and create a new recorder.


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