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Dashboard: Uploading and deleting multiple videos in bulk




  • Official comment

    It is now possible to upload multiple files through our dashboard to your Ziggeo application.


    It is not yet possible to delete multiple videos, however that is something we are planning to work on as well :)

  • Rachel Jollie

    I agree this is a needed feature, especially in video websites. I would also like to see this feature expanded into a server-integration, with PHP, in the future.

  • Bane

    This code demo will show you how to push the videos directly from your video server with PHP to your Ziggeo dashboard:

    Upload multiple videos from your server through command line


    All you would do is to specify the path to the above file, and few parameters:

    1. Function name (in demo that is pushVideos)
    2. location of the directory with videos
    3. tags (optional), set as "phpBulkImport" by default
    4. what to avoid from uploading ".,.." by default (current and up one dir).


    There is another demo here: Uploading in bulk from local device through your PHP server that might also be interesting to check :)


    A similar implementation is planned for the dashboard as well so we will update this post as soon as it is out :)

  • Bane


    We are following up on this to update you that the bulk removal is now available within the dashboard.

    You would check the boxes on the left on the Videos page and just use Delete videos.


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