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Moderating (approve, reject) videos through API




  • Official comment

    We have been busy with many updates to our system and one of them is the moderation through API.


    They will function just like they would when you moderate your videos through your dashboard.


    For example to approve the video, you would use a code such as following:


    *To approve video:

    ZiggeoApi.Videos.update('VIDEO_TOKEN', { approved: true });


    *To reject video:

    ZiggeoApi.Videos.update('VIDEO_TOKEN', { approved: false });


    *To add a moderation reason:

    ZiggeoApi.Videos.update('VIDEO_TOKEN', { moderation_reason: "My moderation reason" });


    Moderation reason usually follows the approval / rejection, and combining both is as easy as follows:

    ZiggeoApi.Videos.update('VIDEO_TOKEN', { approved: true, moderation_reason: "I liked the idea behind the video" });


    We hope that you like it and do let us know if you have any feedback in regards to the same :)

  • Karl Sutt

    Hi Bane,

    This is pretty much essential for our use case. In fact, I didn't realise all videos have to be accepted or rejected through the Ziggeo dashboard.. This is a blocker for us, because we want to be able to build a product on top of Ziggeo, using Ziggeo transparently. In essence, we want to be able to provide an environment for our customers that is 100% detached from the underlying video service, but our support would remain "in control" via the admin environment of the underlying service. In other words, Ziggeo's dashboard is great for support purposes, but will not work for us if our customers have to use Ziggeo and our own dashboards.


  • Bane

    Hi Karl,

    I see. Yes, to use Ziggeo as white label this would be one of the things that are needed.


    Will follow up with more details as some of it is already possible to do, just not yet in a way that we would consider it as full implementation - we are however working on making it work properly.


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