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Recorder: Pause recording and then continue




  • Jeremy

    This will be super helpful - any plans to add it soon?


  • Bane

    Hi. Sorry for the wait from our side.

    Unfortunately I do not have any info about it at this time, however we plan some cool features in our next revision which could just allow us to do the same.

    I am going to follow up for you on this and see what I can get :)

  • Todd Thompson

    Yes this would have been a godsend. Its nearly impossible to do a 'live' video without flaws. Pausing would allow an opportunity to check your notes etc. and then resume.

    Badly needed feature for sure.

  • Todd Thompson

    The ability to pause a video and resume would be amazing. Most find it impossible to get right in one shot (doing auto walkarounds). If they could pause, they could open the door, get it and resume filming prior to upload.

    Not sure this is even possible but would be best new feature in my opinion

  • Bane

    Makes sense Todd. We did look into it, however there is no way to implement such feature in a way that would create consistent workflows.

    What I mean by workflows is that depending on the system and browser the end user experience would be different in how the pause works.

    We did however give it a thought on how to still turn that to a yes, and have one next best thing in plan, and that is the ability to edit the video and remove such parts from the same.

    This would be available in first quarter of 2018, and should allow experience similar to the pause, yet better.

    Stay tunned for more details :)

  • bcgdv simon

    Do we have this feature implemented yet?

  • Bane

    Looking back we have done a lot of code cleanup and improvements as well as brought some new features to our service. We are soon going to released extension of our system that will satisfy some of our most wanted features and will soon after focus more on the video editing aspect of our system.

    This would still not be a true pause before upload, however it will offer the end-user a way to edit as well as to re-take the videos in a new way that they will like.

    * Of course only when that is enabled by the code admin

  • Carlos Sillero

    Hi all,

    My name is Carlos and I work here at Ziggeo. Just wanted to give you an update on this.

    We recently added this feature to our recorder. You can use it with the pausable parameter, which is available starting on r34.

    <ziggeorecorder ziggeo-pausable></ziggeorecorder>

    This feature is only available with WebRtc, though, as it's not possible to do this with Flash.

    Any questions let us know.


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