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Getting audio transcoding of the uploaded / recorded videos



  • Rashmi Shukla

    I am trying to add audio recorder with Ziggeo. But I am unable to do it with the way you suggested above like this

    <ziggeorecorder ziggeo-onlyaudio></ziggeorecorder>

    Please suggest how can I add audio only recorder with react js?

    Here is my code snippets for video recorder - 




    And while uploading the mp3 file I am getting this error

  • Rashmi Shukla

    What is the update?


    Is this feature implemented? I need to make audio recorder with your ziggeoRecorder with react in same workflow.

    Please suggest if there is any way to do so

  • Karan Bansal

    Hi Rashmi,

    I remember you from the tickets where we discussed the issue :)

    So, to summarize, yes the feature has been implemented and it is as simple as adding the parameter onlyaudio to your embedding and that's it! 

    You can access them the same way from Ziggeo dashboard like you do for all other videos :)

  • Kerem C

    Any updates about this feature? We need this to play audio of the recorded videos on screenless devices like Amazon Echo. Simply a URL to the audio file would work fine.

  • Bane

    Hi Kerem. I think that what you are after is slightly different from what was mentioning here.

    I am under the impression that you are after a way to separate the video and audio, so that recorded video gives you both video with audio as well as just audio source.

    What this current thread is about is more about pure audio recording.

    If I am correct in the above, please do open a new feature request so that everyone can upvote your idea :)

  • Kerem C

    Hi Bane. Thanks for checking in. When I saw the title above "Getting audio transcoding of the uploaded / recorded videos", it reminds me a feature that extracts audio from the recorded videos. Anyway I created a new post related to that. Here it is:


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