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Audio only recorder




  • Official comment

    I am glad to let you all know that our system has the audio only implementation. It is not the true audio only system that we want to have so we will definitely be making updates of the same, however we wanted you to have a solution that will help accomplish your goals in the same manner that you can videos - with ease :)

    To use the audio only recorder you would use the following setup:

    <ziggeorecorder ziggeo-onlyaudio></ziggeorecorder>

    As you can tell from looking at it it requires that you use v2 of our embedding and it also requires you to use r26 or above.

    I would recommend switching to r27 at this time, however as mentioned above, r26 would work just the same :)

    Of course, please do check it out, try it out and let us know what you think of it and if there is anything that we can be of help with the same :)

  • I Moto

    This seems like a very useful custom extension to have. Some users might not have a camera to record video but do have a microphone so they can just add a audio message with the uploader.

  • Rachel Jollie

    My client is already asking for an audio-only recorder, so this would be a much-welcomed update!

  • Rachel Jollie

    Are there any updates on this feature? It would be nice to know if the audio-only recorder made it into the next update :)

  • Cezar Floroiu

    +100 for this functionality!! Please build it :)

  • Bane

    Hi everyone,


    We are happy to see so many people looking forward to this feature and it is something that we are investing time into so let me give a bit of an insight into what is actually happening with the same.


    While we are currently working on capturing audio and video, setting it up to capture just audio is not as easy as it seems.


    All of our code, checks and servers expect video. If there is no video data, then the data is not good. As such we need to make changes on all aspects of our system, not just few modifications.


    The changes need to be made in dashboard, on end points, different set of servers would be used for the audio only and while code in the background is similar to some extent, a lot of changes need to be made to make it accept just audio.


    Looking at the actual implementation plans it shows us that this is in a way a system of its own.


    Now this is just to give you a better overlook of the same, and to continue from what I mentioned at the start - we are already working on it, however due to complexity we do not have any specific timeframe set and had to move our planned dates further.


    We do expect it to be finalized this year, however we will keep you updated here as we know more.


    @Rachel, unfortunately it will not be part of r19 nor r20.

    @Cezar, love the enthusiasm and we are working on it :)

  • Cezar Floroiu

    Thanks for the update Bane, appreciate it!  Having the functionality by end of the year will be awesome!

  • Anubhav Aggarwal

    Thanks for the update Bane. We need this functionality for our platform as well.


  • Cezar Floroiu

    Hello, any update on the ETA? Thanks.

  • Bane

    @Cezar, unfortunately no update that we can share. Most work done and yet to be done is in the back end where most work related to this is, so there is no way to see any updates on that just yet.

    We will of course update everyone here as soon as there is anything that we can share or show :)

  • Rashmi Shukla

    Hey Can you please help me out with the same?

    I am trying to add audio recorder with Ziggeo. But I am unable to do it with the way you suggested above like this

    <ziggeorecorder ziggeo-onlyaudio></ziggeorecorder>

    Please suggest how can I add audio only recorder with react js?

    Here is my code snippets for video recorder - 



    And while uploading the mp3 file I am getting this error

  • Bane

    Hi Rashmi,

    I saw that you already got it all working while talking with my colleagues so I will just add a bit of interesting info for everyone that comes here.

    The onlyaudio parameter will basically hide the video by creating a dummy / black background video next to the mic recording.

    This is why you can not upload nor recording or download mp3 files. Only video can be accepted.

    Now the new system that we should be releasing soon is going to have new audio player and recorder that work only with the audio files and microphone. At that point you will be able to upload mp3 files as well as play them back :)

    The release of this is going to be soon and we will be announcing it on our dev updates channels.

  • Kévin Perrée

    Hello there, 

    Can you update us on how to upload audio only like we can upload video?

    We would love to have this feature.



  • Bane

    Hi Kevin,

    Of course. I would just like to point out that the Audio only feature is still in BETA stages. So it should work in most cases however it is not yet considered as officially stable to be released.

    Still it is available for anyone to try and test it out.

    The recorder and players are similar to the current ones in regards to the code they use.

    For example the recorder would look like so:


    and the player would be set as such:


    Now not all of our parameters will apply to the audio recorder / player and we will release the new parameters once this is released publicly.

    In JavaScript this would also be similar to the video recorder and player:

    var recorder = new ZiggeoApi.V2.AudioRecorder();
    var player = new ZiggeoApi.V2.AudioPlayer();

    What is good to mention is that you have to save the audio tokens on your side during recording. Currently there is no dashboard for you to go into and find the recorded audios. This is the biggest part of why we have not yet announce this.

    Once it is done, there will be similar features like there are for video, such as audio profiles for example. What you can test out safely at this time however is something like this:


    and this for player:


    * Verified event works for audio recorder just like it does for video recorder.

    Hope this helps and please do feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions.

    PS: This should be tested with r38 only and for that your header should look something like so:

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="" />
    <script src=""></script>
    var ziggeoApp = new ZiggeoApi.V2.Application({
    webrtc_streaming_if_necessary: true,
    webrtc_on_mobile: true

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