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VideoWall parameters - introducing new changes

For those familiar with our service outside of WordPress they are already familiar with our Wall of Videos.

We wanted to bring the same to WordPress and we did with VideoWall template.


There are various parameters that you will be able to use to make the videowall what you want it to.

We have started with some of the parameters on the blog which you can check out here.


Since then we have included another parameter:


We have also changed the show_videos parameter.


With the show_videos parameter, you can now use either one of the following:

  1. all
  2. approved
  3. rejected
  4. pending

This will allow you to show videos that you need. For example, using all means that all videos are being loaded and shown for you, while in the same time you could show some specific videos - like pending ones, or approved ones.


Do you want to see more options available? Maybe want to have approved and pending videos shown? Great, leave a comment and we will work on implementing the same ;)


Now, to videos_to_show parameter and what it is all about.


By default the video wall will look for specific tags that will make it show only the videos recorded on the specific page.


With this parameter you can actually set what you want to show and we will list few examples of the same:


 - This would allow me to get all of my videos into the video wall template.So if you use it like that, it will get all of your videos into your video wall template.


 - What if you wanted to show all videos that were made in your WordPress website? Well the above would do just that for you. :)


 - Do you have "admin" account and wish to show all videos recorded by admin only? The above setup will look for all videos in your app that have a tag "admin"


Are you adventurous soul that wants to combine more? Oh, well, pack your bags, adventure starts:


Yes, that is it. We are always looking to help you get the most from doing as little as possible.

As such to use more tags, just split them with comma and that is it.


If you want to show specific posts from your WordPress website, all that you would need to do is to use the following format: "post_ID" where you would change the ID for the id of the post.


For example to show post with ID 2, you would use:


or to show videos from post 2 and 52, you would use:




How do you like it? Do you want to add something more to videowall?


Leave a comment, let us know and feel free to *share* :)


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