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How would you use servers in different locations?




  • Official comment

    Hi and thank you to everyone, at this time we have a very nice news for - EU region servers are available and running.

    The implementation of this is a great feat for us for many reasons and we hope that it will help you with your setups just the same and to get you started there are few things that we can tell you that will help you know more about the implementation.

    Due to some laws and regulations (into which I would not go into) we need to separate the billing made on EU servers from those made on US servers. For same reasons your account details would need to be saved in one of those two locations as well - or both, however that is all up to you.

    What that means is that you would need to create a new account on our EU servers region. Doing that however is easy and you can use the very same email if you wish since they are separate systems it would not have any conflicts one with another.

    To do that you can go to our page on the EU region here:

    This is our Ireland base which seemed to be the best pick at this time so we hope you like it :)


    Now you do not need to change any links in your bookmarks, when you want to log in from now on you will see the option to select the region that you would like to use and at that point you will be taken to the right region.


    As said above, the billing had to be separated - and this is after working on this closely with our legal team - so if you have a subscription on our US region, and want to use EU region instead, you would need to create a new subscription after creating your EU account for that account.

    Now if you have a need for both US and EU servers this would mean that you would need 2 subscriptions - one on each servers (as billing is separated).Now the most important thing that I think all of you are interested in is the setup and we made sure that only change you need to make to your code is to change the application token - and that is it (unless you were using server side SDKs where you would need to change all of your keys - private, application and encryption keys).There are also few rules of thumb when it comes to the switch:1. we can not transfer the account from one to another. We can however assist with transfer of videos in which case the upload would be going towards the account balance.2. one account can have all applications from within the same location - so one account can not have US based application and EU based application3. after logging into your account all documentation and similar should be shown to you, otherwise you will find everything on our main website (US based one): is it :) We do want to thank you for the wait and please do let us know if you have any questions that we might be of help with :)

  • Artur Teixeira

    Any company based in Europe that wants to strike a deal inside the continent needs to have the servers there. It's a security and legal necessity that has to be attained before further usage of the application.

    That being said, a simple solution that would allow the change of specified location, i.e. Save all videos in: Ireland (AWS: eu-west-1) would be enough. Per application seems the best option indeed.

    If possible in the future, an option to check the servers allowed would be an improvement. That way more than one could be chosen in the countries obliged by EU law, allowing higher upload and download speeds.

  • Bane

     We are actually planning to have the options for servers right away, however the idea was to have them specific to wider region such as Europe, US, Asia.

    It is possible however that some US state requires you to keep the data within the same, and the same could happen for Europe countries, so having the option to select specific one would make sense in that case.

    Adding that to our list, thank you for mentioning it Artur :)

    I do want to check with you about the downloads. I believe that they must be stored in one location, however they can be cached in any other location to provide faster content, so CDN would be allowed to contain video in any region of the world, as long as the original video is in Ireland only for example.

    Do let me know if based on your experience I am wrong on this.

  • Artur Teixeira

    So far, as my specific case goes we are an European provider with only European users and content should only be available in Europe.

    I don't have direct knowledge of the EU law but It'd be safer if we can keep everything in Europe only.

    If we could choose the specific country(ies) it'd be even better.

    It's not really the perfect option of course. Looking from an engineering point of view, I'd prefer to give faster access to the users. But it's a necessity to prioritize security.

  • Bane

    Thank you for the additional details Artur, that makes sense.

    We will keep this post updated as we go further including if it would be possible to make the options per country :)

    * In the tickets there was also mentioned before by one other person that they would like to have the ability to select the regions like they are presented in Amazon buckets, so that is something we keep in our notes as well and that might be combined with the above.

  • Artur Teixeira

    Hey again, 

    It's getting increasingly important for us to store our data in Europe. Are there any updates on this?

  • Bane

    We understand Artur. The short answer would be yes.


    The true answer would be both yes and no. The reason why both is because we have done some changes to our system that will help us do what we planned, however there is nothing that you could use or see at this time so it is as if it is not there.

    We like to have things added to system gradually so that we do not just push a ton of code that works in development however it did not get any testing in production.

    For that reason we would rather, as we did, split it into segments that made most sense to us and are adding them to system in a way that allows us to test them.


    Since everything would be done on the backend the interface for setup would be the latest one to be implemented at which time it would be available.


    We will however update this ticket when beta tests would be possible, for which I can not give any specific ETA at this time.

  • Artur Teixeira

    Hello again,

    Any news or updates on this since one month ago?


  • Bane

    Hi Artur,

    No, unfortunately it is still not yet active. We are looking to introduce it through many small iterations, instead of just pushing a bulk of code within everything and hoping that it works.

    I will talk with others and see when it might be possible for us to release something that can be seen as well.

  • Jan Pichler

    +1 for Artur's statements. We definitely need the option to store videos in Europe. When will this option be available?

  • Bane

    Hi Jan,

    We are working hard on making this a reality very very close in future. It is not there yet, however we will be doing some tests these days that should give us a better feel about the timeframe when we could make it public and what exactly would be required for it.

    We will of course keep you up to date on this and will post all the steps needed once it is ready :)

  • Thomas Thomsen

    Any development on this - we are currently looking for a video recording and playback api like ziggeo, but data has to be stored in europe as we are located in EU and has to comply with the EU regulations regarding where data is located.


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