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My code in iframe no longer works in Chrome after latest update

This post is not just for our own service, it is for everyone that has experienced the following issue:

1. everything works, sun is shining and all is great

2. You just realize that next to it being great there is also a new update to Chrome so you upgrade

3. Ups, your iframe codes are no longer working. (yikes)

Well if that is right, then you are likely hit by the latest update related to various features that might be utilized through iframe. Unfortunately it is not very well advertised, so you really need to know where to look to find it. To make it easier for you we will show you how.

Please note that this is the same for same and cross origin iframes, however cross origin iframes are a different beast in itself, so there might be more things about it you would need to do. In general if it worked and does not work without any code change, the solution that follows should work nicely.

The features that are needed to have recording working properly are as follows:

  1. microphone
  2. camera

Per some comments in policy implementation document you might also want:

  1. speakers and
  2. usermedia

Now these are all part of allow feature policy.

So if your iframe code looked like so:

<iframe src=""></iframe>

Your new code would look like so:

<iframe allow="feature feature2" src=""></iframe>

Right? No! It is a bit more complex than that.

The allow parameter is actually built by specifying feature and a domain (or a wildcard), separating all parameters with semicolon instead of just using space.

So what you would need to actually create is this code:

<iframe allow="microphone *; camera *; speakers *; usermedia *;" src=""></iframe>

Instead of wildcard you can also fine tune your code so that you only allow our service to allow recordings of your lessions, medical exams, school exams, interview or any other cool reason that you have decided to use Ziggeo - #1 Video Platform.

We believe that other browsers will have same or similar implementations as well and if you decide that it is time for you to not think about all these new changes browsers make, and are not already using Ziggeo let us know and we can hook you up with a video API that people give rewards to:

Have any questions please let us know in comments bellow :)


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