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Prior to recording


I'd like to insert an action when the user goes to click on 'record video'. Not sure if that is possible?

Use case:

The user goes to record movie, clicks on 'Record Video' and I'm thinking an alert/confirmation box to pop up prior to remind them to turn phone landscape. Finding many leave it in portrait and I'm getting a boxed video for playback.

Todd Thompson

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Hi Todd,

That is nice idea. Unfortunately no. Once the recording starts it would go out of our hands at this time.

Once mobile devices can properly support WebRTC it would be possible to do that.

In our r31 however we do have an interesting parameter that you could test out and play around with (r31 is in developer preview release, will however be out officially soon).

Basically you can use orientation parameter to force specific layout of the recording - portrait or landscape.

You would add it to your HTML code as so:


Hope that helps :)

Bane 0 votes

Hi, checking on the ziggeo orientation parameter.

Can I provide a custom message instead of:

Please rotate your device to record in landscape mode


Todd Thompson 0 votes

Hi Todd,

That is a good question really :)

We actually look to provide all of our strings as translatable strings. So the same approach as shown on this page would apply:

For it, you would need the following key: "ba-videorecorder.orientation-landscape-required"

Which means that the following code should work just nicely:

"ba-videorecorder.orientation-landscape-required": "Please turn your phone to landscape position"
}, 10);

Where "Please turn your phone to landscape position" would be the new string we would like to change the original one into.

Hope this helps :)

Bane 0 votes