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Push scheduling



  • Bane

    Hi Todd,

    That is a great idea. We actually do have the scheduling on our roadmap, which would be able to do this and a bit more and it is great to hear upfront that it will be useful :)Thank you for posting it.

  • Bane

    Just wanted to add to my reply in case you are interested or if someone finds this and wants to do this on his / her own.

    This is possible to be done if you do this by utilizing our server side SDKs.

    Quick setup layout:

    1. Webhooks for notifications
    2. Server side SDK for manual push of videos

    Now the way it would work would be to set up a webhook to notify you of all interesting events. Lets say that video is ready.

    Now since this setup would be based on a server side SDK, I will mention some of our demos from the PHP SDK.

    * Note that all of our server side SDKs have same endpoints, and the rest is just your own logic that goes around it.

    So, we use a code like this webhook demo shows which allows us to get info we might want when the video is ready.

    What we would do is to just save the video token (at least for the purpose of pushing the videos at a later point).

    Now, we have our cron set to do something at a specific time or you create another way to activate it, however once the next action gets activated all videos are pushed.

    This action is basically a function on your server that has or retrieves the list of all the tokens that were saved so far (and not yet pushed).

    Now that function pushes the videos through the SDK and they end up being pushed all at practically the same time.

    This would be as easy as going through the list and utilizing the same approach as on this video push demo.

    That is it. Once you come to this point you would have your own scheduling task.

    Of course I understand the feature request as a request for automated handling of videos from our side, while the above is just if you want to do it on your own.

  • Todd Thompson

    this is great stuff. didn't know there was even a bunch of examples lol

  • Bane

    Glad to hear you like it, hope those examples help :)

    For everything else of course we are here :)


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