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Advantage of using Ziggeo storage over other storage service

Hi everyone, perhaps you are still deciding between using Ziggeo storage or using other service like S3 to host your videos.

I'll let you know about the advantage of using Ziggeo storage over other service.

  1. We do backups of all videos for all of our customers.

    Doing it on your own would require you to have much more space consumption.

  2. All of the videos are accessible over CDN.

    Using own S3, you need to have CDN provider, or copy the videos over several different S3 buckets and have logic that picks which one to use.

    Generally this would mean that you really need to know how to do this, or it would add much more time delay than just using single S3 bucket.

  3. Our system allows you to specific different streams of the video to be played back

    By using your own S3, you would need to specifically set the URL to the version of video you want to play back, many of the parameters would no longer have much sense / would be applicable.

  4. Our player and our system can quickly and dynamically change which stream to play and how

    If at any point in time that is needed, you need to create your own logic to handle edge cases or support.

  5. All of the streams are found together with video data and available.

    If you go with your own, you need to store your video data and your streams in a way that your system knows how to get them from their own places.

  6. Our API can only work for videos stored on our own servers.

    Implementing this on your own means that you need to create your own API if you want to find some videos or alike.

  7. Our video data is powerful as it allows you to quickly get or find videos with tags, use the title, etc.

    Like #5 and #6 these are no longer applicable and can not be used, unless you role out your own API.

  8. Auth token system can only be used for videos on our system, they would not be available for outside videos due to the fact that they require different mechanism to be present.


Those are advantages if you are using Ziggeo storage compared to other services.  I hope now you have a better information so you can have a better decision about the matter.

Ibnu Triyono

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