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testing-watermark.png and non-trial subscription

We have been using Ziggeo (v1.27) for quite some time now, so we have a subscription and an API key, and a small but slightly annoying problem :)


The problem is that when we use local copies of Ziggeo source files, as opposed to loading them from CDN, we keep getting 404 errors because something is requesting the testing-watermark.png file and naturally not finding it because it looks in the local website folder.


The question is:

1. Is there something wrong with our subscription? (Unlikely, because we are way over 100 videos by now and still going, and there's no watermark on the recorded videos when I add the file manually, but still)

2. Is there a way to make it stop? We use local js sources in this particular project for the most third-party libraries, and I'm not sure how easy it would be to change that, but maybe there's other way and I'm overlooking it.




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Ah I see. So the watermark as you have noticed is not really used. Now it is good to mention that from revision to revision we do change things a bit, so it is possible that it is no longer requested in the stable (r30) or the latest (r32).

For reference you can see what is new per revision here:

Now I believe that you are using this one:

If so then the testing-watermark is being called in from the dark side by the CSS file, and since it is missing, it is throwing you an error, while it is not really being used at all.

So what you should do is just locate this file:

then comment out or remove the line with the watermark being set for background image. Once done that should be it.

* You will need to re-compile things to have your code updated, however no further things would be needed.

Hope that helps :)


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