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Cannot re-upload the same video



  • Bane

    Hi :)

    Actually, I have few files that I would always upload one after the other (when testing re-recording). It does not matter the order, so for example lets call one of them A and the other B. I can do for example:
    A, A, A, A, A, B, B, B, A, B or just the same

    B, B, A, A, B, A, B, A, B, A

    So you can upload any video, even if it is the same. What you have mentioned would be the case if your videos are pushed to YouTube for example since YouTube then marks your other videos as duplicate.

    So I would like to just check if this is happening to you in any specific scenario or file, or does this happen to you every single time?

    Also, just to be sure, are you saying that if you click on the redo button (or upload link) nothing happens, or that when you select the video it does not do anything?


  • DarthVeyda

    Hi @Bane :)


    I've tried different files with the same results - I cannot upload a file twice in a row unless I move it into another directory or destroy and re-init the recorder. We don't push our videos anywhere, either.


    Sorry, should have been clearer - on a second attempt I press Redo, select the same file from the file menu and press Open, then nothing happens - I still see the initial recorder screen, no events are fired, and no errors in the browser console or Ziggeo dashboard either.

    This is how we create the recorder embedding:

    _recorder = new ZiggeoApi.V2.Recorder({
    element: _videoRecorder,
    attrs: {
    responsive: true,
    theme: 'space',
    themecolor: 'blue',
    picksnapshots: false,
    timelimit: 120,
    'expiration-days': 90,
    allowcustomupload: false,
    'early-rerecord': true,
    'input-bind': 'VideoMessageID',
    video: existingToken,
    rerecordable: true,
    recordermode: !existingToken


  • Bane


    Thank you for additional details. That is strange. Can you tell me if that happens in different browsers as well or just in one specific?

    Also what happens for you if you try clicking again, select the same file and try to upload it at that point once more (without refreshing anything)?

    The only thing that I can imagine happening is that browser did not see it as if it needs to react. In such case our code would not be alerted of the new video upload. If this is the case the second attempt might work.

    Of course regardless if that helps or not, it might be needed for us to test out the same directly, so if there is a link to check that would be great.

    * If you prefer you can always share it to us over support email instead of here.


  • DarthVeyda

    Hi @Bane,


    In fact, you gave me an idea, and this SO question confirmed it - the scenario I described doesn't happen in all browsers, and it's linked to what different browsers recognize as a "different" file to upload. In my case a duplicate upload to Ziggeo recorder works fine in Firefox but gets ignored in Chrome and Edge (haven't tried in other browsers yet). The proposed solution in the post above was to manually clear file input, but I'm afraid in my case the file input is buried deep in the Ziggeo code :)

  • Bane


    OK, I see what you mean now. I am a Firefox fan since it got out, so as I rarely use Chrome to be honest I never noticed that behavior. It makes sense on one side, however I am used to the way Firefox works myself (seems as well as you are).

    In that light, you could use reset() method to reset the entire embedding once it reaches the verified event for example. This might not be the best scenario, so the solution from the SO page you posted should actually be better.

    * PS: I have reported this to be changed in our newer revisions, so this would be handled automatically.

    Until that is added (r33) please do try adding this bellow your recorder embedding code:

    _recorder.on('verified', function() {
    $('ziggeorecorder input[type="file"]').val(null);

    * Once verified event fires, it should clear it out and it should work just right if you click on redo.

    Please do let me know how it goes.



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