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Ziggeo player is not using Webrtc capability of Safari browser.

We have added the Ziggeo player on one of our website, but for safari browser it asks to download the FLASH player to run the ziggeo player. It is not using the default WEBRTC capability of safari.


Can you please check and let us know what we are missing.



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Hi Dilip,

The way our system is built is to try several different options so that at the end we get the recording.

So what that means is that it will try if it can use WebRTC. If it can, perfect. If not it will go to the Flash.

Now that is of course just a simple description of it, in the back there are several different modes of each that are being tried and this is done in the preferable order (any WebRTC option would always be preferred to Flash)

Now, having said that there are few things to consider:

  1. Only the latest version of Safari supports WebRTC
  2. This means that all older version will need to still use Flash
  3. The WebRTC can only be used when available (this means that even if some browser supports it in general, it can still decide if the same browser API can be used or not)
  4. Depending on your setup, you might actually force Flash to be used (which would make it be used on all browsers)
  5. Some browsers do not allow the recording through WebRTC to be made unless the page is opened over HTTPS (this affects the WebKit based browsers, however depending on recording, other browsers as well)

Can you please let us know what is the version of your Safari and if this is happening all the time or just in some cases?
Also are you testing it over HTTPS or HTTP pages?


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