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Allow someone to preview and re-record their recorded video before processing is done?

I'm using the JavaScript Browser Integration v2 to include a video recorder on my site.

I've noticed that the processing after recording the video can take some time, a 4 second test video regularly takes 30 seconds to process.

That's not a big deal, but I'd like to utilize the preview and redo capabilities, but my only issue is that they have to wait until processing is done to do that. But that can be a pretty long time for a 30-60 sec video.

Is there a way to let them view the video they uploaded and redo it before processing is done, maybe after it's verified or some other event?

Steven Applegate

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Hi Steven,

Yes, actually there are parameters that you can use to change the default behavior.

The parameters that I would suggest looking into are:

  1. localplayback
  2. early-rerecord

You would add them into your embedding like so (HTML):


You could also implement your own buttons that would allow you to rerecord by calling for example embedding.rerecord() method:

Please do try it out and let us know how it goes :)

PS: After verified event fires, you no longer need to keep anyone on the same page, or have the embedding even exist at that point. You can freely remove it from the page, or do any other action that you want.


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