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Concatenate videos

It would be really cool if you could simply concatenate one video to another after its been uploaded.

use case:

Our employees are uploading videos. I'd like to concatenate a preroll into their video with our company pre roll. the preroll I would have already uploaded and could then specify the ID as a parameter in the recorder they'd be using.

Perhaps include a concatenate parameter to have it include a video at the front, back or both.


Todd Thompson

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Hi Todd,

Sorry about the delay.

Yes, this will definitely be one of the features that we will have this year.

The plan is to add a lot of different video editing options to your disposal. One of them being the concatenation of videos.

The plan is to allow pre-defined videos to be added and then to also allow the new videos to be connected together as well. Most likely by ending with a new video created from the same process.

While a bit late, I hope that my reply still gives you info that is interesting to you :)


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We would also ❤️ an ability to offer our users to select two uploaded videos and concatenate them! Hoping to see this feature soon!

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That is actually something we want to add in new updates to our effect profiles Digvijay however happy that you have mentioned it :)

While you did provide comment, please do feel free to Up one vote for this as well as that makes it easier to see features that have multiple people wanting them as well. You can do that at the top, near the title with arrows up and down :)

Now, with that said at the current moment there is a way to setup your player in a way that would make it seem as if that is the case. This would be the code for it:


So theme, themecolor and responsive parameters are here just to make the player look good when you try the code and you can obviously change the theme and theme color any way you like.

The parameters of interest here are playlist and preload.

Playlist parameter allows us to specify multiple videos that should be played one after another. It allows us to easily show intro video, main video and credits video if you so wanted.

The preload parameter on the other hand makes the video loaded up upfront, so it should load all of the videos into memory (if possible) so the playback seems smooth.

Additionally you could add something like preventinteraction parameter and loop parameter to further optimize experience such as to prevent seeking and stopping of the video or to make it loop (would not suggest using both though unless you provide a way for them to pause the playback or stop it completely.

* Of course having that said, this is just a substitute that can help you have a similar experience while we are working on effect profiles that would result in a single video with the same.

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