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Concatenate videos

It would be really cool if you could simply concatenate one video to another after its been uploaded.

use case:

Our employees are uploading videos. I'd like to concatenate a preroll into their video with our company pre roll. the preroll I would have already uploaded and could then specify the ID as a parameter in the recorder they'd be using.

Perhaps include a concatenate parameter to have it include a video at the front, back or both.


Todd Thompson

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Hi Todd,

Sorry about the delay.

Yes, this will definitely be one of the features that we will have this year.

The plan is to add a lot of different video editing options to your disposal. One of them being the concatenation of videos.

The plan is to allow pre-defined videos to be added and then to also allow the new videos to be connected together as well. Most likely by ending with a new video created from the same process.

While a bit late, I hope that my reply still gives you info that is interesting to you :)


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