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When will live video calls be supported?


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  • Bane

    Hi Joel,

    Great to hear that you like our public roadmap :) Live streaming was planned to be released in the 2nd r 3rd quarter of 2019 as per our roadmap. Having that said, the roadmap is used as a general guideline, not as a strict one.

    We proud ourselves to be doing more testing than some other companies might like. We also iterate our revisions in a way that allow different types of people to use our system. That being done by providing auto updated version of our system and option to follow latest or some older revisions on your won (web wise). Our mobile SDKs are of course on Github so you can always pull in the revision you want to use.

    We also have a large number of different SDKs that we support (Android, iOS Objective C, iOS Swift, Xamarin, React Native, Ionic, Cordova / Phonegap) and will support one more soon. Next to this we also have several server side SDKs (6) and several JS SDKs to choose from.

    Why is that important? We look to provide same features across all of these - of course depending on the type of SDK. Sometimes this means that a bit more time needs to be spend on a specific feature and our 2018 was full of refactoring over new features.

    As per the same, our audio only and image will be released with our r34 (soon). Following that would be a new AU region and live streaming follows that (roughly)

    Live streaming, and video effects are features that we already are working on however they are not available for beta testing at this time. Some aspects of this are already available, while others are not. For example (live/instant) uploading is available, just not the instant playback of the same on some other end. This is what we talk about when we say we will have live recording.

    At that time it should be possible to have multiple people watch someone stream up a live video - which can be used to create live conference for example.

    We will definitely have some beta tests available for live recording since it is a feature that has a lot of different things to consider.

    It is completely up to you to decide who you want to go with, you would be doing right by going with us ;)

    Of course, let's not have me just say that:


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