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video without the take retake screen

I have used ziggeo sdk for video recording in my app but my requirement is
The user can re-record the mp4 video for maximum of 3 times
we are able to control 3 times as per requirement on APP but when ziggeo takes the user to device camera then user can take unlimited retakes so I am trying to hide the retake
video option or stop showing preview of video or instantly come back to app when the video timer is stopped .any option available in ziggeo so we can restrict user to retake after recording?i want to avoid screen in attached image after video timer is stopped or hide the cross(cancel button so that user can able to retake)

ashok patel

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Hi Ashok,

Based on what you wrote it seems that this is related to the mobile devices. The way mobile devices work is by getting the camera app to answer the call. The camera app itself will refuse any parameters we send it so it is always going to show any properties / options it wants.

Having that said it is now possible to use the WeRTC to go beside the apps and do the recording with the browser instead. This might not work on all mobile devices, however on devices that support this it will work nice.

The only change in your code would be to change the header part where the Ziggeo app is declared to also have webrtc_on_mobile: true set.

For example:

var ziggeoApp = new ZiggeoApi.V2.Application({
webrtc_on_mobile: true

Hope this helps.

PS: Seems that your question got caught into spam (together with some answers from our side). We have reported this to Zendesk and are looking to see what might have been the cause of this.


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Hi Thanks for the reply
I' m using Ionic Mobile SDK and i have integrated  SDK successfully and it working fine on Android app but in IOS I'm getting error 

2019-05-02 17:54:48.204461+0530 Jobtiviti[11401:212534] ERROR: ERROR CONTEXT [object Object] 
2019-05-02 17:54:48.204598+0530 Jobtiviti[11401:212534] ERROR: ERROR ReferenceError: Can't find variable: ZiggeoApi

Below Is my code 
In .html file 
<ziggeo-recorder #ziggeorecorder [apiKey]="ziggeo_token" 
[options]="{height: 200, width: 370, timelimit:20, allowupload :false, allowscreen :true, recordermode : true, recordings :3, autorecord :true, theme :'Space Theme' }">


and in .ts file 
ngAfterViewInit() { 
this.recorder = this.ziggeorecorder.recorderInstance; 
// this.ziggeorecorder.setRecorderLayout(1); 
this.recorder.autorecord = true; 
this.recorder.on('recording', () => { 
console.log('Recorder in progress'); 
}, this);

this.recorder.on("uploaded", () => { 
}, this);

this.recorder.on("uploading", () => { 
console.log("Video Token", this.recorder.get('video')); 

}, this);

this.recorder.on('access_granted', () => { 
console.log('Recorder has camera access'); 
}, this);

this.recorder.on('verified', () => { 
console.log('playing your action here'); 
this.dat = this.recorder.application.videos.__cache; 
let data = JSON.stringify(this.dat); 
var n = data.indexOf(":"); 
var res = data.substring(2, n - 1); 
this.tokenid = res; 
}, this);


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Hi Ashok,

Not sure what is the cause however your reply ended up in spam again :( We had some issues with Zendesk forum so I do suggest reaching to us over our email instead at this time

I will forward this to our engineers at this time and please do let me know if you are no longer experiencing or if you still are by some chance.


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