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How does framerate works in video?


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  • Bane

    Hi Nagaraj,

    So we exchanged information over email, however for everyone else and in case I missed anything will add a bit more details here as well.

    All of our SDKs are by default going to framerate of 25. This can be changed and increased or decreased as needed.

    The default stream (video) will be always be created to be at 25 frames, so you can not see the difference in the framerate. Of course if you check out the original stream you would be able to see it.

    * Of course it is good to mention that not all cameras support different framerates. So for example if your camera supports 25 or 30 frames per second, even if you set up 100 frames, it will only use 2 or 30 that camera allows.

    So for the framerate of 5 you would set the parameter to 5 frames.

    This would be set like in this demo:


    We also have a demo written for React SDK that might be of great help:

    Now I do just want to confirm since you said "take screenshots" if you mean capture camera every seconds, or the desktop screen every 5 seconds?

    Asking only since for screen recording it is a bit different setup.

    * Just as important note. The very low framerate will work better on 34 and above, and will also be possible with it to change other streams to not be 25 frames. So at that point it will not be just original stream that has different framerate.



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