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Newer versions of Ziggeo incompatible(?) with jQuery Form plugin


We've been using Ziggeo v27 for some time now, and finally decided to upgrade - this is where the problems started. The video recorder on our page is a part of a form that uses jQuery Form plugin. But after the upgrade everything related to the plugin stops working if (and only if) we recorded or uploaded a video.


Basically, it goes like this: recorder contains a video - ajaxForm event handlers are ignored, custom form data disappears etc.; recorder hasn't been used OR has been used and then reset - everything is fine and plugin-specific events fire as they should.


I've tried different versions and this is happening starting from v31 and later. I was curious if you could tell me what changed in v31 in how Ziggeo recorder relates to the containing form/form submit specifically? I can see that the recorder adds camera enabled/microphone enabled flags to the form data after recording, but not much beside that (and I'm not even sure it's relevant to the problem here).

Any help will be very appreciated!


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The first question would be if you are by any chance using the form parameters of our embeddings?

Specifically I mean: input-bind and form-accept

These are the only two that are in any way associated with the form with the last one actually making sure that the form can not be submitted unless the video has been recorded.

It will work however with the non AJAX forms, with AJAX forms being a possibility that they are submitted in a way that does not depend on the browser itself, rather your own logic.

Another point I want to check with you is if you are using v1-r27/ziggeo.js or if you are using v2-r27/ziggeo.js?

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Hi Bane,

Thank you for your reply!

We are using input-bind (to a hidden field - so the MVC backend can retrieve the video token value from it), but not form-accept. So, the form can be submitted with or without video - it's just that with a video it's submitted as a regular form and not an ajaxForm... with no JS errors in the console and for no apparent reason.

We were using v1-r27 (which worked fine, up to v1-r30, in fact), and then tried to upgrade to v1-r33 (which no longer worked). I've just tried to reference v2-r33 instead, but results are the same - as long as video recorder was touched, ajaxForm parts of the code (and only those) are ignored.

Thank you!

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Hi and thank you for the additional info.

I believe I know what might be best approach here. Instead of using the input-bind please try using the verified event.

Once verified event fires, you can grab the token and just add it to the field or into the data that will be pushed to your servers.

Hope this helps.

* You can see more about the events including verified event here:


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