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Callable Events - Upload



  • Bane

    Yes of course, it should be available :)

    The upload is however to be used with manual-upload as you have set it up, however it requires you to first select a file.

    So what is the purpose?

    We usually initiate the upload as soon as you use file dialog to locate the file and select it. In case that is not desired, you can put manual-upload option where someone would select the file and then you initiate the upload from there.

    If it still does not work, could you post the embedding code here (of course feel free to remove any tokens or other info that you might not want to post publicly)

  • Scott Murphy

    Thanks for the quick reply.  Upon further testing I've decided to keep using the Ziggeo recorder upload functionality as is instead of implementing my own buttons.

    For future reference, would the .upload method on the recorder object become available when a file input on the page has selected file(s)?


  • Bane

    I would need to check that Scott to give you right answer. It should be present even if the file is not selected, however it might be unavailable as a precaution. Looking into it and will update you.

    In general I do suggest using the one on our embedding as that way you have the best cross browser (desktop and mobile) compatibility. Otherwise some browser might ignore it as a valid file upload request.

    * If you want to just offer the upload button (which you can style using one of our themes or your own CSS) you can just add allowrecord="false" and it will hide the record button.


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