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Wordpress Plugin & WP Job Manager/Resumes



  • Bane

    Hi Maxie,

    The old version of the plugin had a somewhat complex integration codes, while the second one has a lot of hooks and actions as you might have seen, making the integration between our and some third party plugin much easier.

    Having that said, first part of rework done on the plugin was to strip down all third party integrations from it. This allows us to have a clean and simple core plugin and a better integrations approach.

    For this reason the integration will no longer work. While we did keep the backward compatibility to core functionality of the plugin, this was not possible for third party integrations.

    I did create a plugin for this new version of the wordpress plugin that connects the Job Resume manager as well as Ziggeo and should work, however it is not yet released.

  • Maxie (Freelancers Max)

    Hi Bane,

    Yes, I have installed the new WP plugin and the beta version of the Resume Manager extension. Should it be working by default (just for testing)? Or do I have to add some code to the resume manager template to make the recorder and player display? 

  • Bane

    Actually you need to have our own (not yet published v2 Wordpress plugin). This can be found here at this time:

    Now the published version of our plugin holds the module that talks with the Resume Manager plugin. The v2 does not have this module.

    Because of this it will not work as it was with v1. You would need to manually combine the two at this time, or inject the HTML / JS code of our embedding instead.

    * We do have a module exported as a new plugin that is not yet available. Once available it will allow you to activate it and combine your Ziggeo plugin and the Resume Manager plugin. Hope this makes sense.

    ** I can send you the code for this new (third) plugin once it is available to test it out before it is pushed to WordPress repository.


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