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How to change the button text on the embedded recorder?


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  • Bane

    Regardless of the SDK used you can easily change any text in the embedding by following steps here Simon:

    For example this would change the text you mentioned:

    "ba-videorecorder-chooser.record-video": "Capture Video"
    }, 10);
    "ba-videorecorder-chooser.upload-video": "Upload Recorded Video"
    }, 10);

    As you add this to your code it will immediately change the language. Please do keep in mind that you need to change this before the embedding is shown. If you change it after, it will not update all of the existing embeddings on the page.

    Also good to point out that if you switch between languages, your changes will only be applied on the current language, not on all languages.

    I do suggest checking the page above. You will be able to find the keys you are after like "ba-videorecorder-chooser.upload-video" at the bottom of the page.

    If easier you can also find a link to download the current language file so it is easier for you to see all strings.

    Hope this helps you :)


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