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2020 Wordpress plugins update



  • Ray B.

    I'm quite excited to see what's in store for each of these Wordpress plugins. I tried installing the Videowall plugin with no success. Is there an update coming soon?

  • Bane

    There was one just released recently (6 days ago) where we updated the videowalls to v1.1.

    This new version included complete removal of videowalls from the core plugin as well as adding videosite playlist design that allows you to go from 0 to YouTube like website in just few seconds :)

    Now with that said, can you please tell me if you can try installing it now and see if that works?

    Unfortunately there was some SVN issue (to the best of my knowledge) because WP did not create the zip file, so installation nor update was possible.

    This is fixed and should be working fine now, however of course always happy to get a confirmation :)

    Also just as a reference we just released a new plugin as well:

    Ziggeo Video for Ninja Forms

    It is also on the Github and can be found here:

  • Rachan

    Any plans for Contact Form 7 bridge?

  • Bane

    Hey Rachan.

    Looking at our list, it is not there yet, so just added it for you. :)

    At this time we should be releasing the Advanced Custom Fields bridge plugin. It is done, however under review (so if someone is interested, let us know :) ).

    After this (ACF) we were looking at "Formidable Form Builder" to be next. Of course we always look on feedback from everyone, so if more people are interested in some integration, we are going to prioritize it.

    All of the currently available bridge plugins for Wordpress form builders:

    Hope this helps :)


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