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2020 Wordpress plugins update

Hi everyone,

This is an update to update you all on what is currently available as well as what we are about to do soon with our Wordpress plugins.

You know that we have our core plugin available here:

This is now considered CORE plugin and is required to install for all other Wordpress plugins to work right. This way we are accomplishing the following:

  1. You have Wordpress native way of activating and deactivating plugins
  2. Install plugins that you find interesting
  3. Keep updates specific and easy to maintain both for us and for you
  4. Make it easier for you to hook in and expand our codes if you so desire

Goals for core plugin

Goals are to make the plugin bring you a simple yet powerful plugin that will load only the codes necessary to help you with speed of your website while making it easy to offer everything you need.

Another goal is to make Wordpress dashboard that you are used to a way for you to moderate your videos.

This is not yet available while we test and confirm that everything is ready for Wordpress 5.4. however will be included in our latest version update.

We have prepared:

  1. A page offering video list with simple moderation tools
  2. Notification page to let you know of things that happen in the back and might require your attention (usually do) yet would be missed

The plan is to extend the notification page to also capture JS errors that might happen to your customers and post them into the notification page. This would allow you to capture similar info as you would with our development mode turned on - however within your Wordpress dashboard.

Plan for video list is to extend it with more hooks - suggest yours in the comments :)

A big move that we have made is to remove videowall support from our core plugin.

Of course this is because (and as mentioned before) we wanted to separate the video walls as an additional plugin instead that hooks into core plugin.

Bellow you will find the link to the same.

Plugin "Bridges" to other integrations

We have extended the amount of plugins that we are supporting on Wordpress. You might be surprised just how many integrations have been made. Here is the list:

Videowalls for Ziggeo


A plugin designed to offer videowalls as a form of playlist to our players. It is designed to offer you different types of playlists and it integrates directly into your core plugin (templates editor for example).

Ziggeo Video for Job Manager


This plugin is designed to integrate into Job Manager by Automattic. It also extends the Job Manger addon called Resume Manager.

Want to make your HR / Resume system on Wordpress definitely system to look into.

Ziggeo Video for bbPress


Want to have Wordpress website with a forum? bbPress is often the system that you would use for just that. While very simple plugin at this time it offers you settings to where the filtering should happen across different bbPress locations.

Ziggeo Video for WPForms


A very simple, slick and quite nice form builder. I personally think WPForms is a great way to go with due to simple editor and nice design. It was easy to extend and add our system plus it offers you free and paid plugin. Our plugin works with both :)

It is only available through our Github repository at this time. If you are using it and loving it please let us know to have it moved to Wordpress website.

Ziggeo Video for Gravity Forms


We have supported Gravity Forms for a long time. You do need to get a paid version of the same and while generally seen as good form builder by many I personally would suggest trying WPForms first ;)

Still we support them and if you have Gravity Forms plugin, our core plugin and the above, you will see the fields added to Gravity forms editor allowing you to edit and collect videos in different ways.

Plan for bridges

Our plan is to offer integration for additional Wordpress form builder plugins. Also to extend the existing ones with additional filters you can use in your hooks.

Also since we can not add many plugins to Wordpress, we might add an extension page to help with this even though the plugin is on Github.


We would appreciate feedback. Be it good, bad or the request for support of some plugin, we would love to hear it. The goal is to make Ziggeo easily available to you regardless of what you use.

Do not have any feedback yet want to help improvements? Go to Wordpress and rate our plugin here:

Rating it with top marks (5) is of course greatly appreciated :)


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I'm quite excited to see what's in store for each of these Wordpress plugins. I tried installing the Videowall plugin with no success. Is there an update coming soon?

Ray B. 0 votes
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There was one just released recently (6 days ago) where we updated the videowalls to v1.1.

This new version included complete removal of videowalls from the core plugin as well as adding videosite playlist design that allows you to go from 0 to YouTube like website in just few seconds :)

Now with that said, can you please tell me if you can try installing it now and see if that works?

Unfortunately there was some SVN issue (to the best of my knowledge) because WP did not create the zip file, so installation nor update was possible.

This is fixed and should be working fine now, however of course always happy to get a confirmation :)

Also just as a reference we just released a new plugin as well:

Ziggeo Video for Ninja Forms

It is also on the Github and can be found here:

Bane 0 votes
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Hey Rachan.

Looking at our list, it is not there yet, so just added it for you. :)

At this time we should be releasing the Advanced Custom Fields bridge plugin. It is done, however under review (so if someone is interested, let us know :) ).

After this (ACF) we were looking at "Formidable Form Builder" to be next. Of course we always look on feedback from everyone, so if more people are interested in some integration, we are going to prioritize it.

All of the currently available bridge plugins for Wordpress form builders:

Hope this helps :)

Bane 0 votes
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