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Get Started with Wordpress core plugin (what to do after installing)

Adding Ziggeo to Wordpress is easy through some HTML or JavaScript, however in some cases and in some areas of Wordpress you might need to know a bit more than you want to add any HTML or JavaScript without it being changed by Wordpress.

To help with that we made our core plugin for Wordpress that you can find here:

Purpose of it is to help with adding of embeddings (recorders and players) to your pages, as well as to help you to make the same through templates and without using any codes yourself.

So once you have installed the plugin you will see the new entry in your Wordpress admin sidebar which is created by our plugin.

To start that is where you should go Ziggeo Video > Settings.

* Please note that if you just installed the plugin, you will have a slightly different menu, also I have all of the additional plugins installed which you might not, and some add their own pages.

The reason why Settings is good for us is because the first thing we should do is add the token.

The app token is added to Ziggeo API APP Token field. To get it you would need to follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Ziggeo account
  2. Click to go into the application that you wish to use in your Wordpress website
  3. Click on Overview menu under the application
  4. On this page, copy the Application Token value
  5. Add it to the Wordpress field described above.

OK, so at this time you can save your plugin settings (scroll down to save button) and that is it to get you started.

This will ensure that Ziggeo system is correctly loaded up and ready on your pages. The next step is adding the embedding where you want it to be shown.

Other settings

While Application token is the most important setting there are other settings that can help you with your setup and development.

General Tab

Under general tab you will see 2 groups of options. One is for comments and another for global settings that should be applied if nothing specific is said.

If you hover over any of the setting you should see additional info pop up and show you more details about each.

While other comments related options are directly describing what they do, there are 2 options that are a bit different:

  1. Video Comments recorder template and
  2. Video Comments player template

By default our system will use pre-defined codes for the player and recorder on your website. If you wish to change them, you can easily add your template and then assign it through these fields to be used.

This would allow you to set up the recorder or player to use some specific theme, or some specific property such as faceoutline during recording (for example).

Now in global options section there are 2 fields:

  1. Ziggeo Recorder Config and
  2. Ziggeo Player Config

In general you would not use those, however they are great if you need to add your own values directly instead of using a template.

Now onto the other two fields:

  1. Ziggeo Recorder for Integrations and
  2. Ziggeo Player for Integrations

These are also using templates. They allow you to set up what template you want to use if the player or recorder is being created by a plugin. This plugin could be your plugin, or a plugin by some other developer (or even us).

* If you are interested you can see more about it here.

Integrations and Contact Us tabs

These are both informational more than anything else.

The integrations tab does allow you to enable or disable the plugin from being loaded and used by core plugin, if you want to make sure that it stays active in Wordpress for some reason, just not to work with together our core plugin.

* The integrations tab offers you insight into the already installed plugins on your website which directly integrate to our plugin.

Expert Settings

In general the settings here are best to not be used unless you are aware of what exactly the setting you use will do and how it might change your system.

Ziggeo Development Mode option is good for development areas and while you are creating things. There is a bit more output shown in the console than it would otherwise.

Where to save the templates option allows you to pick if the database or file is used. There are benefits of both, however depending of your server setup, files might not be possible to be used.

Want to clear all templates? In few of our versions there was an issue where some templates would end up saved without the name. This option allowed to easily remove all templates and remove the templates that would otherwise not be possible without some code.

Want to use WebRTC for mobile? option allows you to turn on or turn off WebRTC on mobile devices.

Want to use WebRTC Streaming (can change quality)? option helps to speed up the uploads using WebRTC Streaming, however will change the quality depending on the network speed.

Turn on WebRTC Streaming (when needed only) option is just like the above, however it turns it on only when that is necessary.

Ziggeo Server Auth Token field allows you to set up the Server Auth token.

Activate Ziggeo Auth system option allows you to turn on the Auth system as our system looks to use as small footprint as possible, and this feature would otherwise be disabled.

Sync saved templates in file and database option is good only if you want to switch to a different way of storing templates, however might result in issues if your server is set in a manner where the files can not be used.

Set the version you wish to use and Set the revision you wish to use options allow you to set up the version of our system you wish to load.

Now all of the settings are set up to by default offer you the best experience. The only setting that you should set is the app token mentioned at the top.

For anything else, please do of course reach out and let us know what questions you have for us :)

Now outside of the Settings you will also have few more options in the menu.

These will include:

  1. Notifications
  2. Videos List
  3. Addons

The Notifications page allows you to see any errors or "good to know" information bits that can help you with your setup.

The Videos List allows you to see the videos captured within your Wordpress just like you could in the Ziggeo dashboard. Offering also some management of the videos (approving, rejecting, etc.)

The Addons page offers you a way to see all of our plugins. Even if someone else was to develop a plugin, if they reach out to us, their plugin might be shown here as well.

This way you might find out that Ziggeo is available within some of your Wordpress plugins.

Of course, as per above, for any additional questions, please let us know bellow or by creating your forum thread (or sending a ticket). Contact Us option within the plugin will help you with this as well.

Happy Setup :)


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