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Access to the audio file of the uploaded / recorded video for smart speakers



  • Bane

    Hi Kerem.

    Sounds like a very interesting use case. I can see how the audio files would be useful.

    Now we are planning on releasing the audio only implementation soon, which should have a way for you to use different audio files (file types / extensions).

    I have to check with my colleagues if we will at that time also add the option that allows you to get audio from the video as well or if this would be something that follows it.

    Now I just want to confirm - are there any limitations or other parameters that might be relevant to the smart speakers or do you only need it to be available over URL you pass to the speaker?

  • Kerem C

    Hi Bane. Happy to hear you found it valuable. I hope you bring this in very soon. I believe many others will highly benefit from this feature. For confirmation, I wrote down the common requirements to support all devices in the market:

    • Supported File Formats: AAC, MP3, OGG, WAV and HLS. Bitrate: 16kbps to 384 kbps. Sample rate: Less than or equal to 44.1kHz. (Optimal values with respect to file size and bandwidth would be MP3 files with MPEG version 2 codec, 48kbps bitrate and 16kHz sample rate.)
    • Audio file must be hosted at an Internet-accessible HTTPS endpoint on port 443.
    • The web server must present a valid and trusted SSL certificate. Self-signed certificates are not allowed.
    • Audio files must be CORS wildcard-enabled. The service must respond with the following header: Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *.
  • Bane

    I got an update on the feature Kerem. It is indeed planned to be part of our system and it will not be in the initial release.

    This will be an additional feature to the audio implementation.

    The exact bitrates and formats are still not known exactly however we will know more later as our audio implementation is released and we start working on this :)

  • Kerem C

    Thanks for the update. Looking forward to playing with it when it's ready.


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