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Recorder on Safari is transcoding video to landscape. The thubmnail of playbacks is stretched out and playbacks are rotated to landscape



  • Bane

    Hi Lam,

    I see that you have opened a ticket within our system on this as well. To avoid writing in two places I would like to ask you to continue here :)

    As asked by my colleague within the ticket, please do try using our latest SDK version.

    At this time this is r39.

    Now, with that said, the orientation is actually not controlled by our system, rather by the device itself. Basically the system on the device will report the orientation at one point and that orientation info will be added into the video meta data, which our servers will read and rotate the video based on.

    So there are 2 points in what you described where something might seem off:

    1. When playing video that you recorded right away, without waiting for it to be available on our server
    2. When playing the video after recording, once it was made available on our server

    Depending on which one happens for you we are looking at the different thing.

    For example if the 1st is the case, then it would be interesting to know how the same video plays back once you try it later on (in a standalone player, not in the player shown right after recording).

  • Lam H Nguyen

    Hi Bane, 

    We played the video only it was made available on Ziggeo server, which is the #2 point. We are in the middle of updating to r39 for mobile Safari as your colleague suggested. I will keep you up to date with our progress on it. 

    Thank you.

  • Bane

    Great, thank you for the additional details Lam. I would just like to also confirm if the issue you are getting is happening for you:

    1. For videos recorded on Safari regardless if you play them back on Safari or Chrome or

    2. The videos recorded on Safari only present issue when playing on Safari?

    I ask because my best guess would be it is 1st, where the meta information stored into the video during creation is being wrong, so videos end up on a side every time.

    Another question would be how your header code is set up. Does it look like so:

    var ziggeoApp = new ZiggeoApi.V2.Application({
    webrtc_streaming_if_necessary: true,
    webrtc_on_mobile: true
  • Lam H Nguyen

    Hi Bane.

    Our developer will follow up with you on this post. Could you please help to approve his comment on this post?

  • Bane

    Hi Lam,

    I do not see any comment that needed approval on this post. I did see other post so I think that might be it.


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