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Creating a video effect profile to reduce resolution



  • Official comment

    Update from Lorenz seemed to have went to another part of our Zendesk support platform so I want to post here that their plugin now supports recordingwidth and recordingheight parameters.

    These parameters provide the options needed to accomplish the query of this thread.

    It is recommended to go to their plugin page to grab the plugin and to see the latest features their plugin supports:

  • Bane

    Hi Brendan,

    Since there are 5 different plugins (+ core support) the option to do this would really depend on the plugin you are using.

    What you would benefit from is setting the following:

    1. recording width
    2. recording height
    3. video profiles

    Next to this what we found works great is the "local playback".

    Now these settings can be named differently, so if you tell me what plugin you are using, we might be able to assist further or reach out to the team working on it.

    Here is what each of the above do.

    Recording width and recording height would set the recording resolution. So if you set them as 640x480 the recorder will record in 640x480 and send it off like that to our server.

    If you have these options, you would not really need video profiles or anything else set up.

    Video Profiles are however great if you are getting big videos and you want to make sure you have some specific resolution set up. By default we turn all videos into 640x480 format, so if that resolution works for you there is no need to set up any video profile. There is a catch for mobile devices while you might still want video profile and I will mention this bellow.

    Now localplayback is a bit different. It is working in such a manner that it shows you the video for preview as it is being uploaded. The upload still takes its time as usually, however having the preview makes it seem as if it went through right away. Because of that, we do recommend having it on.

    Now, when it comes to mobile devices there is also something else that can be useful.

    Now, you say that you are non dev, however you have used right terminology and I feel like you would benefit of having the reference, so I will share some more details. These details however can only be changed by plugin authors.

    There is the header code as shown here:

    It sets up the app token to be used and also adds some options. For you the important ones would be these:

    webrtc_streaming_if_necessary: true,
    webrtc_on_mobile: true

    These would help to use WebRTC on mobile devices which support it. If the native camera is used (which for some devices is the only way to record video), you would not really be able to set the recording width and height.

    Luckily many devices, especially newer ones support WebRTC so these options would help.


    In regards to dashboard, we are aware and are working on fixing the preview. Our dashboard is using latest tag while plugins are using stable tag.

    * Stable and Latest are just tags we use to point to different revisions of our system.


    For the "zoomed in" view, you could use the stretch option (if one is available in the plugin). We have already removed the support for it in latest revision, however within it, the same is not needed. I am pointing this out because the plugin developers might not want to add it for now since it is already removed.


    In regards to missing options, we should likely update our docs a bit to include the plan info as well. Some options such as Video Profiles are not available on all plans. Similar is with other options in dashboard and per our pricing page.

    Hope this helps  :)

  • Brendan Hall

    Hi Bane,

    Thanks for this answer. In reply to you about the plugin - it's the Professional Ziggeo Plugin (

    It does have a setting for height and width, but I think they only dictate the size of the element on the page, not the recording resolution. No matter what dimensions are set, video from my phone uploads at 1080x1920 (big file & long upload)

    The developer who made this plugin has been very responsive to requests, so it would be hugely appreciated if you could reach out to them (email: and ask if they could implement this feature. 


  • Bane

    Hi Brendan,

    Sorry for the wait and thank you for the additional info. I checked the video they shared and I can not see the settings for recording width and height. There are width and height however as you said, this is something that should be specific to the embedding size.

    Will reach out to Lorenz from their team and mention this thread.

    In regards to the uploads, I do want to point out that if the video file exists on the device and it is uploaded to our system, we can only detect the resolution and reject it, we can not re-size the video on the device before upload. The only way would be with the WebRTC settings to support mobile and then setting up recording width and height.

  • Lorenz

    Hello Brendan ,

    Bane reached out to us and we just published a new Plugin update (version 1.5) which included the 2 parameters recordingwidth and recordingheight.

    Hope that helps!

  • Brendan Hall

    Hi Lorenz,

    Thanks for this update!

    I've updated the plugin to v1.5 in bubble, but I can't see where in the ziggeo recorder settings I can set the recordingwidth and recordingheight.

    Am I missing something?

    Many thanks,


  • Brendan Hall

    Hey Bane, can you please approve this post - I'd love to get an answer from Lorenz?

  • Bane

    Hi Brendan and Lorenz.

    I apologize for the wait. Please jot down the delay in reply as my own fault as the content passed without being approved. This is a type of oversight that I am not very proud of and definitely something that will be improved going forward.

    What happened: This Zendesk Community system makes it a bit hard to shuffle between no spam and easy moderation so everything depended on a single email notification that was just too easy to miss. To make sure that this does not happen in future, we have just made a new alternative notification system which allows us for entire support team to be notified as soon as new content comes in, which will help us make sure we react in timely manner.


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