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The youtube integration is showing token expired


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  • Bane

    Hi Nicholi,

    I apologize for the wait. Unfortunately due to my fault, the way our system was set it did not allow us to get notified properly of all new content that had to be approved. To make sure that this is resolved, we have made a change allowing us to have everyone notified even though it is not something allowed by our system directly.

    This will allow us to make sure we can reply back to new content as it is created.

    I want to thank you for your understanding and with that said, hopefully help you with your query.

    The way the integration with YouTube works is by creating a server side token. This server side token is created through your authorization that tells Google that our service can be trusted.

    We then save the token provided by Google to be able to use it when reaching back to YouTube.

    Now depending on how your YouTube account policies are set it is possible that the tokens are more volatile, however in general they will not expire right away.

    What I would like to ask you to try the steps mentioned here:

    During this process, make sure that you authorize the integration to the account you expect to push the videos to. After this is set, go to Push service and set it up :)

    You can see the info about those steps on the same page.

    Do please let us know how it goes.


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