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412 error on client side while admin panel shows as if the video was successfully uploaded


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  • Bane

    Hi Martti,

    Thank you for reaching out. That is an interesting error because in this specific case it is likely OK to get, while in most cases it would be an error.

    When the upload is finished, what happens is that our recorder / uploader components get replaced by the player component.

    Now when this happens, and since it is right after the media was uploaded any request that is sent off is not going to allow you to get the video right away. After all it needs to be verified, processed, stored and then made available through CDN. While this does happen fast, it is not instant so in this brief time the server has to reply with an error.

    Now once the video becomes ready, it will immediately show the video.

    The error itself however should not be shown to you or your customer, while it can be seen in the console, however should not be as red console error.

    During this time the video player would show the video is under moderation message.

    If you did get an actual error then that would mean that something else happened. What exactly happened would require a bit more details.

    There are 2 ways for you to see what is the issue. You can inspect the console and then click on the 412 error. As you do, you should see a message with more details. For example "key already exits" or "missing XY".

    Another option is to activate debugger. This will make it so that all errors that go to console are also sent to your Ziggeo Application into a page called "Debugger". If you did not use this feature so far, you will not see it. Once activated and some error happens, the page will show itself.

    You would activate this by adding `debug:true` into the app header. You can see how that works by going to here: and changing the dropdown under "Want to enable the JS debugger?" to Yes and the code bellow will update right away.

    Hope this helps and please do let us know how it goes once you get to see what the 412 info is shown to you.


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